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veterinary floor plans

veterinary clinic design

bringing structure to the vision of the animal wellness community



At VisionTect Studio our purpose is to bring structure to vision through the power of collaborative imagination and client-centric architectural service.


We combine the art of discernment with the science of construction and seek to become your architect not only for the duration of your project, but for the life of your facility.


As your architectural partner, it is our mission to facilitate the realization of your organization’'s physical growth and vision, and to help you attain your dreams.




As architects, we believe design matters, but listening matters more.


Through collaborative client-focused architectural practice we serve diverse markets while also providing specialist veterinary architect and veterinary hospital design services. Our mission as award-winning veterinary hospital designers is to bring structure to the vision of the animal wellness and veterinary community.


Our diverse background in projects both large and small includes more than two decades of practice in the commercial, institutional, educational, and residential markets.


"Let's build something new together."


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